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Optimise PageSpeed for better ranking of your website!

Why we should talk about PageSpeed: You have spent many days and weeks working on texts and design to get the website project off the ground. If you didn’t do all the work on your own, copywriters and designers also did jobs for your website.

PageSpeed – The speed of websites

But now you find that the new website is causing problems. Because despite good design, it loads too slowly on the computer, and on mobile devices it takes even longer. That is annoying. After all, it’s all about creating websites with good conversion rates. Speed plays a central role here.

Do PageSpeed and search engine optimisation belong together?

Absolutely! More than 50 percent of internet users use smartphones or tablets. Long loading times mean that users are gone faster than the page loads. For Google, it is not only the additional value of content that counts, but also the fast delivery of information that is being searched for.

For this reason, Google has changed the standard for websites to mobile first. This means that seotexts and speed are a virtual pair. A symbiosis, because both elements need each other – without ifs and buts.

PageSpeed is therefore an essential factor for a good ranking

Speeding up a website is not always easy. The first step is an analysis to find out which elements are responsible for the slow loading of the homepage. From extensive code of various elements, to hosting and heavy images, everything is possible. Often it is a combination of different causes, but these should not be ignored.

If you don’t work on PageSpeed, Google will do it for you and move your homepage to the back. In the worst case, he throws them out of the index. Because competition never sleeps, and thus fast websites are given preferential treatment. This is an official requirement from Google for webmasters.

You can test websites with PageSpeed Insights

Note: The faster a website, the lower the bounce rate.

The Pingdom tool, which provides differentiated results, has also proven its worth. The query of different quotas is also interesting here.

Pagespeed messen mit Pingdom Tool
For experienced users the Pingdom page | Screenshot Pingdom

Webpagetest is also used by many webmasters to find sources of error. There are 3 tests running here. They show exactly how high resources are and are responsible for slow loading times.

Measure pagespeed with Webpagetest
Detailed analysis to determine PageSpeed | Screenshot Webpagetest

In May 2020, the Web Vitals metrics were introduced. These are three metrics that measure the render time of the visible page areas and browser response. Thus, the visual stability of websites becomes clear.

Seo tools such as Seobility also provide information about website speed. Seobility is suitable for beginners, it is an easy to understand seo tool that anyone can use.

Why you should not underestimate page speed


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PageSpeed is one of the critical factors of website ranking. Google ranks faster pages higher than slower ones. It would be fatal to create good seotexts but lose the ranking due to long loading times. Your goal is the first ten places in the search engine results. Because hardly any users click through to the second page of results. Fact: The best conversions are found in the first ten results.

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